Friday, 27 May 2011

Avon Calling with guest mix from Monk3ylogic now available to stream/download!

Well that was yet another great show. Big thanks to Monk3ylogic for putting together the absolutely fantastic guest mix. Heavy stuff indeed

Download or Stream the archive of the show by clicking Here

Dr Fish Mix:
1. Avon Calling Intro
2. Claas Reimer & Synchro 69 - Moon Pong Babylon - V.I.M. Breaks
3. DigiBox & Beat Rangers - Century - V.I.M. Breaks
4. Steve Maccabe & System 2 - Fusion - V.I.M. Breaks
5. DigiBox - Lateral - V.I.M. Breaks
6. Parallax Breakz & M_Spark & Andy Faze - Fast Forward - V.I.M. Breaks

Monk3ylogic Guest Mix:
1. Monk3ylogic - Intro mini mashup
2. Rick Tyler - Turkish Policeman (Original) [Kick It Recordings]
(Promo - Release date 1st June 2011)
3. Hunter Vaughan - Ragnarok (Monk3ylogic Remix) [Aux]
4. Access Denied - Bora Bora (Beatman & Luadmilla remix) [Broken Robot Recordings]
5. Re:Creation - String Theory (Unconsious minds remix) [Psychoactive Records]
6. Access Denied - Bora Bora (Original) [Broken Robot Recordings]
7. Refracture - Hate on this (Original) [Dusted Breaks]
8. Feuerhake - Under pressure (Kiwa Remix) [Logariddim Records]
(Promo - Release date 23rd May 2011)
9. Eximo - Lunarshift (Original) [Big Square Records]
(Promo - Release date 13th June 2011)
10. Hunter Vaughan - Ragnarok (Beta Remix) [Aux]
11. Feuerhake - Under pressure (Blazer Remix) [Logariddim Records]
(Promo - Release date 23rd May 2011)
12. Felix Luker - Saw (Elite Force Remix) [U&A Recordings]
13. Feuerhake - Under pressure (Monk3ylogic Remix) [Logariddim Records]
(Promo - Release date 23rd May 2011)

Dr Fish Mix:
1. Truckers - Beyond Place - Rune Recordings Promo
2. Hedflux, Tom Wilkes - Basscake (Plastic Shell's Techno Remix) - Broken Robot
3. Spyke - Breakz Army (Andy faze Remix) - V.I.M. Breaks
4. Saw Tooth - Dance With Me - Dead Famous
5. Hedflux, Tom Wilkes - Basscake - Broken Robot
6. PMT - Gyromancer (Stanton Warriors Remix) - 10 Kilo
7. JDS - Nine Ways (Plump DJs Remix) - FFRR
8. Sasha - Xpander (Mesmer 2010 Edit)

For more from Monk3ylogic, check them out on the following:
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Avon Calling will be back on the 7th June hosted by P.O.D.G.E.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

[FREE TUNE] Dr Fish vs Glenn Miller - In The Mood

With the summer well on it's way, I though It about time I gave this cheeky little bootie away for free. A very silly rework of Glenn Millers classic "In The Mood."Tried and and tested at many a party, rave, and festival last summer, with support from D*Funk, Bubaking, Mr No Hands and more. Only 1000 downloads on this one so get in there quick.


[FREE TUNE] Dr Fish vs Glen Miller - In The Mood by Dr_Fish